Thursday, June 18, 2015

Trip 1 is in the books

It is hard to believe that our trip to Peru has come to an end. Two years of planning, preparing, and hard work came to a very fulfilling end as our group of RHS students made there way home yesterday. Where do you begin to try and describe the impact that this trip had on the lives of these 30 young adults? It was an amazing opportunity and the experiences had and memories made will last a lifetime. So, to close out this trip I want to give you a sense of what we covered as a group.

The Peru 2015 Trip by the numbers:
Miles traveled by plane: Just over 12,000
Miles Traveled by bus: Just over 300
Miles walking/hiking: Group average was 34 miles in 9 days
Number of flights of stairs climbed: Just under 400 flights of stairs
Number of major Incan ruins visited: 7
Nunber of historical sites visited: 15

So, as you can see, this was a trip that not only pushed the group to explore a culture never experienced before, it also was taxing both mentally and physically as well. I can't say enough about how awesome these students were to have on this trip and how proud I am of how they represented not only Rugby High School, but also the United States as well while traveling through Peru.

This trip exceeded the expectations that I had going in and I have to say that Omar, and our EF tour team, were top notch and gave us an excellent experience. With the first trip in the books for the RHS study abroad program, I can say that I am truly excited and and grateful to have the opportunity to continue this program in our school. The 2017 trip is booked and I know that the 27 students from Rugby that will be partaking in that trip will have an unforgettable experience just like the travelers to Peru.

I want to thank you for reading and following along as we took this journey and I encourage you to talk to the students that took part in this trip. They will have a lot to say!

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